Tara Humanitarian Foundation: Works In Progress

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Our logo is designed to encompass our Journey’s Goals and resulting Vision. The 4,000 BCE white horse of the Celtic Offington is found in the chalk of Salisbury plains in England. The horse is dated to the time of the Flower of Life symbol on the Luxor Temple. Tara Horse represents forward movement into the new parallel dimension: Tara. This New Earth (Gaia – 4th D) is created by Mitosis of our Earth – 3rd D. Initially this Foundation was to be Terra but in one of Lee’s client integrations she met Lady Tara in the galaxy, who was waiting and protecting our new Gaia: Tara. The Tara “X” has evolved from our recent research into Cathar’s gnostic truth. Exploring takes many forms in each individual journey. When combined with an annual, external, communal experience as practiced by ancient warring Tribes in Pagosa Hot Springs; exploring eradicates differences leading to synergism. Experiences with like-minded souls set the stage for one’s Inner Clearing; best done with a healthy body. Rivers are akin to our vessels: Victor Schauberger. In First Century CE Maximus accompanied Mary Magdalen to Gaul where “X” signified Enlightenment. TaraX signifies singular and communal Empowerment.

Tara Works